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Real “Warrior Princesses”

From mothers and sisters to wives and daughters, the role of women in the success of mankind cannot be denied. Around all across the globe and time, women have served this world with exceptional support and contribution. They were as charismatic and influential as any other renowned leaders in the world. Let us now take a look and get to know some of the most famous real warrior princesses that the world has witnessed.

1- Elizabeth I

Elizabeth is undoubtedly England’s most distinguished and greatest princesses. By the time she was took the throne to the time she died, she overcame all of the odds that were stacked by her rivals and enemies against her. She left her country in a golden age and set a new trend that women can also have an impact on the entire world. It is also surprising to know that she survived the rule of her father, brother, and sister who always disregarded her and never wanted her to rule.

2- Yennenga

Yennenga was the daughter of King Nedega of the Dagomaba Kingdom in the 12th century which is widely known as Northern Ghana across the globe. By the time she grew up, she trained as a warrior and ultimately succeeded in her goals. Compared to her brothers she was highly skilled to use certain weapons and very good at riding horses. She was loved by everyone which made it possible for her to command her own battalion. Today she is known to be the mother of the Mossi people.

3- Pingyang

Pingyang was the daughter of a Chinese General who was ordered by the Chinese Emperor Yang to be executed at the end of the Sui Dynasty. She was living with her husband but she immediately joined hands with her father Li Yuan when he started a rebellion against the emperor. Pingyang was really good at raising an army and helped her father a lot. Her army was called the “the Army of the Lady” which ultimately overthrew Emperor Yang and made the Tang Dynasty.

4- Boudicca

Boudicca was the queen of the Iceni which was a well-known tribe in Britain during the time of Emperor Nero. She inherited the throne when her husband died and led her nation in a very crucial time when governor Gaius Suetonius Paulinus stood against her and her daughters. She rebelled and emerged as one of the most influential real warrior princess for her nation.

5- Olga of Kiev

Olga of Kiev was a very brave woman. The reaction she gave to the Drevlians tribe who wanted her to give up her land and marry their prince, has been discussed widely by the historians. She made every possible effort and intelligent move to safeguard her land as well as herself. She is also famous for carrying out the first ever legal reforms in Europe. She raised her son who became a military leader and provided value-added support to his mother. She ultimately converted into Christianity and is known as a saint – one of the only 5 women in the world with this recognition.

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