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Real “warrior princesses” (part 2)

From Elizabeth I to Olga of Kiev, we have already come across the top 5 women in the world to be recognized as real warrior princesses. Now it is time to take a look at the rest of the 5 real warrior princesses of the world.

6- Rani Lakshmibai

Rani Lakshmibai is one of the most distinguished women in the history of Hinduism. She was the wife of the Maharaja of Jhansi and the queen of the Jhansi state located in Northern India. They had a son who died, after which she adopted another boy. After a few years, her husband died and she claimed her adopted son to be the successor but the British government refused to accept him. After which the Governor asked her to give up her title and land for a little pension, upon which she stood up for her people’s rights and kept fighting until the last moment of her life along with her skilled men and women.

7- Zenobia

Around the third century, Zenobia was the queen of the Palmyrene Empire in modern Syria. The majority of historians and writers present her as a beautiful and intelligent woman who enjoys hunting and riding. Her husband ruled Palmyra, reclaimed several lost pieces of land and earned unrivaled recognition as “King of the Kings”. Zenobia emerged as an influential female leader for her nation, recognized for not only protecting her land but invaded others as a ferocious warrior queen.

8- Lozen

Being the sister of a great chief Victorio, Lozen who is now known as an Apache warrior and prophetess, enjoyed learning the various skills and techniques of a fighter and ultimately become a skilled warrior by the time she grew up. She never wanted to be a traditional Apache woman and always supported her brother by fighting alongside him against their enemies. In addition to that, she had a vast span of medicinal knowledge which appeared to be another value-added skill. By the end, she gained considerable fame and stands among few of the most notable real warrior princess of that time.

9- Basina and Clothilde

Basina and Clothilde were two cousins and daughters of the Frankish Kings Chilperic I and Charibert I. After her entire family was killed, Basina reached out to her cousin Clothilde’s abbey to protect her. Very quickly both of them felt that they were not liked by the Abbess who was from royal blood. Eventually, both of the sisters started a rebellion and surprisingly formed a strong army which included thugs and criminals. In the quest of earning their rights, both of the sisters managed to overcome and defeat the abbeys.

10- Aud the Deep-Minded

It is obviously not at all possible to complete the list of top real warrior princesses of the world without mentioning a Viking. Aud the Deep-Minded was one of them. She was born in Norway and married Olaf the King of Dublin, making herself a Viking princess. Unfortunately, when her husband died mysteriously, she headed to Iceland on a secretly built ship along with her family, friends, and other people to join hands with her brothers. Now she is known as the key founder of Iceland.

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