Genetic Engineering, Humans, Threats to Mankind

Secret Laboratories – Hidden Experiments and Research

Throughout modern history there have been many experiments, which have taken place without the knowledge of the general public. Many of these have been both unethical and unnecessary, and have been conducted for ‘the greater good.’ The majority of them are ordered by the government or military, of influential countries, and include:

Porton Down, Britain

This declassified research facility conducted many experiments that were aimed at creating biological weapons. During its operation, much of its work violated basic human rights. This came to a peak in the 1950s, when the facility attempted to control the minds of the troops by administering LSD without their knowledge.

Kamera, Russia

Kamera means ‘The Chamber’ in Russian, and represents a covert facility that was run by the Soviet secret police. Experimentation began in 1921, and consisted of testing a large number of deadly poisons, including: mustard gas, ricin and cyanide, on prisoners from the Gulags. The victims were unaware of their administration, and all the experiments were done with the intention of finding a tasteless, odourless poison that could not be detected.

Area 51, USA

Although the existence of this US military base is public knowledge, all the research that takes place within its boundaries is top secret. The purpose of the base is unknown, but it is reportedly a testing place for aircrafts and weapons. Conspiracy theorists have also claimed that the base is a home for aliens, that have been found on Earth. In addition, there have been reports of a number of deaths that have been caused by secret weapons tested on the base. The US military has never made an official statement about what takes place in Area 51, and all happenings remain speculation.

HAARP Research Station, Alaska

Another United States military facility, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in located in Gakona, Alaska. It reportedly uses high-frequency transmitters to temporarily interrupt the ionosphere, which is the layer of the atmosphere that has a high concentration of ions and free electrons that give it the ability to reflect radio waves. There are various beliefs as to the station’s true purpose, including emitting waves to control human minds and the weather.

Biopreparat, Russia

In addition to creating poisons, another mission of the Russian military is to develop the perfect biological weapon. The centre in Biopreparat was created in the 1970s to experiment with this. The facility consists of a network of laboratories, and its existence was denied for decades because it was a direct violation of the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972. In 1979, spores of Anthrax were accidentally released, from the area, causing over 100 deaths. All hospital records of the deaths were destroyed, and the Russian government continues to deny the incident.

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