Black Magic

The term black magic seems to freak almost anyone out. It has become a term that is a taboo in our society and rightfully so. Black magic has roots in many cultures – from African cultures to Middle Eastern cultures and can be found in history as well as all over the world now. The literal meaning of the term black magic refers to magic used for selfish purposes or magic that is used for evil purposes. This entails using magic to harm someone, to take revenge or to generally cause issues and problems for someone.

In the history of black magic, unlike white magic which was done for blood or to benefit others like healing and other reasons, black magic was done to help and benefit the person practicing regardless of in what way. This means to benefit the person practicing, it could be done to harm others. As the renaissance period came, most magic was declared black magic and was shunned. People who practiced magic or even had attributes that made them similar to those who practiced magic, were killed for being witches and wizards. They were burned on bonfires so that the magic was to end with them. This inhumane treatment of men and women is evidence of how negatively the term black magic was taken at that time. However, natural magic was on a rise and many intellectuals began to practice this magic, with its gaining popularity.

Another common concept that comes under black magic is the concept of Satanism. Satanism is the worship of the devil instead of a God – the devil is considered their God. This is the practice of invoking evil demons or spirits, however, it is also distinct as those are an accepted part of black magic.

Another main part of black magic which has now become popular by the influence of popular culture is voodoo. This is mainly practiced in African countries. This is a type of magic where a figure of the person is created and that figure is harmed to harm that person. When you harm the doll, the person also feels the pain and harm being done.

Black Magic has been found in many different religions like Islam, Hinduism, and African cultural-religious philosophies. In Islam the Holy Prophet that the Muslims believe in was affected by black magic which was then resolved through the verses of the Quran. This magic was done by knotting the hair while reading verses of magic. While in Hinduism, black magic plays a huge role. Chattan Seva is a type of magic that is performed by Hindus to please Chathan who is most popularly worshipped in Kerala, India. This is also where the majority of temples dedicated to this god are located. The ritual they perform in front of that lord is said to either harm or benefit the person whose name is being taken. This is one of the oldest and strongest beliefs in the South Indian region. 

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