Black & White Magic

Tracing its origins back to the medieval times, black magic has been actively used all over the world for thousands of years to attain rather selfish agendas. To put it in simpler words, black magic employs evil or supernatural powers to attain the practitioner’s goal. In the far stretched spectrum of magic, there is a left hand and a right hand approach to magic with left hand being the negative use of magical powers otherwise termed as black magic. The right hand approach to magic is the good alternative, used to attain unselfish goals, otherwise referred to as white magic.

The notable difference between black and white magic lies greatly in the purpose of the magic being employed. Explained beautifully by Robert M Place in his book; Magic and Alchemy. The purpose of employing white magic lies in getting closer to a spiritual being through the use of supernatural powers meanwhile black magic being the opposite of it employs the same supernatural powers, but for a sinister purpose. For a long time, any type of magic that employed supernatural powers was considered evil, regardless of the intent, and was punishable by law.

Black magic is linked with Satanism since it employs spirits and negative powers to benefit the user or harm someone. Things required to be done by the practitioner for black magic to work effectively vary from purpose to purpose. Whether one employs it with the intent to harm someone, benefit himself or for someone to die, the practitioner would have to follow rituals unique to each intent. Black magic in other terms is a curse, a curse that is difficult to abolish.

Now in the modern times, people often claim black magic to be a scam used to benefit from unfortunate circumstances faced by people. While in developed countries the use of black magic is scarce, its use in lesser developed countries like India and Africa you will still see banners and advertisements on roadsides. One wonders, how so many people are effectively practicing such an ancient and sinister act. So whether the existence of black magic in the modern times is hundred percent authentic or not, we will never know, but what we know for sure is that in the poorer countries with a high illiteracy rate, it is the perfect scam to make a quick buck.

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