Merlin – Tales and Prophesies of a Great Wizard

The story of Merlin’s birth claims that he was the son of a demon, or an incubus, and a nun. He was blessed with great wisdom from the two opposing forces of good and evil. When King Vortigern lost a battle, and much of his territory, to the Saxons, he fled to Wales and attempted to build a fortress. Each day a part of the wall was built, but it would collapse within 24 hours. The Elders told the king that he would have to find and kill a boy with no father, then mix his blood with the mortar to prevent the wall from crumbling. They were conspiring to have Merlin killed, however, because it had been prophesized that he would be the cause of their death.

The boy was located and brought to the king, but instead of being killed he told them the true reason that the wall had been collapsing. The foundation beneath the wall was not solid, with a pool of water below the building site. Under the pool were two sleeping dragons, one red and the other white, that were always fighting. When the builders checked, they discovered that this was true, and the king had the dragons removed. After this the foundation solidified and Vortigern was able to complete his fortress. He named it Dinas Emrys, meaning ‘Ambrosius’ Fort.’

The dragons were also a part of a prophesy that Merlin made about the future of Briton. The red dragon representing the Britons, and the white, Saxons. The dragons fighting showed that the future kings of Briton would be able to temporarily drive the Saxons out of their country. The enemy would return, however and overcome the Britons. Merlin foretold that the Saxons would eventually be banished for good by the Boar of Cornwall. This became the banner of Uther Pendragon’s son, Arthur. Six descendants of this great king would rule before the kingdom was once again conquered.

After King Vortigern died, Merlin advised Aurelius Ambrosius, his successor, to bring large blue stones from Mount Killaraus in Ireland and erect them in a circle called the Giant’s Ring (Stonehenge). He told the king that he and his brother Uther would be required to fight a series of battles against the Saxons. When Uther and Merlin saw a comet in the sky with its tail lit, the sorcerer told Uther that his brother had died, and he would now be king. Uther took the dragon as his symbol and Merlin gave him the name ‘Pendragon.’ During his time as advisor to the kings, Merlin made many other prophesies which turned out to be true. This helped them rule efficiently and the redemption of the country began.

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