Superhumans – Evolution in the Making

Evolution is the way in which an organism changes to ensure a greater chance of survival. In humans this can cause a person, or a group, to become more advanced than the rest of the species. Simple genetic mutations can even be overlooked, before being passed on to descendants, changing the way they live permanently. One of the most notable worldwide examples of this occurred when, approximately 12,000 years ago, one man realised that he could consume milk from a cow. This genetic mutation was so beneficial to humanity that it has been transferred to a high percentage of the world’s current human population. Similarly other superhumans may pass on their abilities to future generations to increase our quality of life. These include; 

Unbreakable Bones

Several members of a family living in Connecticut have bones that are more dense than the rest of us. The family members also have distinct physical characteristics, including deep and wide jaws as well as a bony growth on the palate. There is also no history of any broken or fractured bones in the family, as well as no wearing away due to ageing. Medical researchers believe that their DNA may be the key to curing osteoporosis, and a possible evolution into a stronger species.

Super-Sized Stomach

Takeru Kobayashi has the ability to eat a significantly larger amount than the average person, without any detrimental physical effects to himself. The reason for this is because his stomach is more elastic. Kobayashi has used this ability to become a competitive eater, and setting many world records in the sport, including consuming 62 slices of pizza in 12 minutes. He prepares for competitions by eating increasingly larger amounts of food, alternating with exercise to ensure that the fat will not impede the expansion of his stomach. His weight is normally between 128 and 132 lbs.

Infallible Memory

Marilu Henner is one of 25 people in the entire world that have been diagnosed with hyperthymesia. This condition is also referred to as ‘highly superior autobiographical memory’ and allows her to remember every single detail of her entire life. Henner says she can picture each incident as a movie, with various scenes. She also has the ability to see several movies simultaneously. Whereas these details might be overwhelming for other people, as an actress and author, Henner has learnt to embrace her perfect memory. Medical research has demonstrated that individuals with this condition have an enlarged temporal lobe and caudate nucleus in their brains. It has also been suggested that the condition may be an extreme form of OCD, where the afflicted has a compulsive need to remember everything. Hyperthymesia may even be the next step in the evolution of the human brain. 

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