Telekinesis is the rare ability to move objects without actually touching them. It is speculated that it is done by using the mind, hence the other term used interchangeably psychokinesis – which is derived from the Greek words ‘psyche’ meaning mind, spirit, soul and ‘kinesis’ meaning movement. Seen as a super human ability, telekinesis is shrouded in mystery and scientists take any opportunity they can get to study this phenomenon. Some of the most popular of these studies are:

1. Uri Geller – Born in Tel Aviv, in 1946, Uri has reportedly been bending spoons with his mind since the age of 4. Scientists that have been studying Uri have dubbed his ability to deform metal objects as ‘The Geller Effect.’ In addition to bending keys and other metals by looking at them or touching them, he has also claimed to be able to read minds. Geller’s performances have not been limited to scientists, however, as has regularly appeared on tv shows and in front of live audiences.

2. Eusapia Palladino – In 1888, Dr. Ercole Ciaia, was the first scientist to report this medium’s phenomenal ability to lift items into the air without actually touching them. Eusapia also had great fun playing musical instruments from a distance. Professor Cesare Lombroso after watching her in a performance, was stunned at her ability to move furniture without being anywhere close to it, as well as making what seemed to be hands materialise in the air.

3. Nina Kulagina – As a great source of mysterious occurrences Nina was studied by 40 scientists, working either together or independently, over a period of almost 20 years. They made a significant number of videos and documentaries that show her moving small objects, or changing the direction in which they were originally going, apparently using only her mind. She was also thought to have the ability to emit ultrasonic waves. Despite the ongoing observations and monitoring, scientists are still unable to determine where her ability to do these things originated.

4. Angela Cottin – On January 15, 1846, Angela was with her friends when their embroidery unexplainably fell out of their laps and a lamp flew into the corner of the room. After this, her parents decided to put her on display as a source of income. Parisian scientist Francois Arago became aware of her performances, and observed her when she was apparently in an ‘electrified’ state where she shocked him whenever he approached her. In addition, at this time any surrounding objects seemed like they were being repelled from her. There were incidents of furniture randomly moving around whenever she was near. Interestingly enough the objects which she was able to move telekinetically were mostly made of wood.

People with telekinetic abilities are often unable to either explain or control them. If there is anybody around you, who strange things occur in their presence, be prepared for the fact that they might actually be the next telekinetic phenomenon.

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