Transportation to another Place and Time

In 1931, Charles Fort, an American researcher into anomalous phenomena, began making reference to teleportation spaces and places where doors opened into parallel worlds. He expressed the possibility that these doors were where UFOs and/or spirits enter our realm. He believed that if they can cross over into our world we should be able to go over into theirs as well, and this is what has happened to many people who go missing without a valid explanation.  Not everybody that enters one gets lost, however, and reports made by those who have visited these other worlds and returned said they experienced no feeling of teleportation; they just arrived at either a different time or place, or both.

It has been suggested that these portals are cracks in the Earth’s crust which have created an unstable reality. As a result of the energy that lightning generates it is possible that this is the process by which they are split open, meaning that one can randomly appear anywhere that lightning has struck. This may be an explanation for those who have described falling asleep in one place, and waking up somewhere else without any idea of how they got there.

In the past ‘invisible walls’ in different parts of the planet, often referred to as devil’s spots, were thought to be entrances to other worlds as well. One example of this is in Russia, on the banks of the Upa River, where there are dense pockets of air. Individuals that dare to step inside these have reportedly never been seen again. 

Even though most of us have never proven the existence of these portals, there are people that claim to be able to find and enter them at will. One of these is Al Kiessig, who comes from the United States and has visited many different realms. His experience of travelling between worlds has shown him that there are different doors including, the ‘West Door’ which is an entry of evil where wanderers of the spirit world leave theirs and enter ours disguised as humans. It is very hard for us to recognise these evil beings that reside among us and suffer greatly as a result.

Kiessig has also described a place in Missouri where there is the entrance to a neighboring world which looks exactly like ours but, even though it is bright, has no sun or wind and is completely silent. He has reported that the boundaries between space and time are crossed when one enters these doors, and there are vortexes which take people into the future or the past as well as to lands with no life and distant unknown places. Al Kiessig greatly believes that these portals will eventually be accessible to everybody who lives on earth, and we will use them to travel and spread out across these worlds sometime in the near future.

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