Psychokinesis – Motion from the Mind  

Throughout history there has been a large amount recorded and researched about those that have special abilities. A combination of the words ‘psi’ meaning mind and ‘kinesis’ meaning to move, psychokinesis is the ability to control the mind in such a way that makes it possible to move physical objects. There are two different categories of psychokinesis:

Macro Psychokenisis – The movement of objects or the influencing of smoke or fire, which can be seen with the human eye.

Micro Psychokinesis – This is the influencing of various activities that can only be detected by special equipment, such as the outcome of playing cards or dice. 

Researchers have discovered that the possession of psychokinetic abilities is closely related to the belief that they can be accomplished. They also found that there are three ways in which the ability can manifest:

1. A head injury, or some other great physical or emotional trauma.

2. The condition can be inherited.

3. Continuously practising

Research into the condition has been greatly criticized due to the fact that the evidence can sometimes be inconclusive and proper examples have yet to be proven. This hasn’t stopped scientists from suggesting that most people are born with these abilities; however, they disappear when not being properly trained. Modern lifestyles do not facilitate the nurturing of psychokinesis and the phenomenon is becoming rarer, and skeptics have even negated it as a possibility due to the fact that it defies gravity.

There are some people who are unaware of the fact that they have psychokinetic abilities and unintentionally cause the movement of objects. The term given to this is ‘poltergeist activity,’ and it normally occurs when these people get upset or experience some other overwhelming emotion. People who do this have been accused of being possessed and an exorcism performed. After this the activity may or may not stop, but those that believe in psychokinesis claim that the reason why it ceases is because the individual becomes aware of their proposed limitations, and subconsciously makes up for this.

Types of Psychokinesis

Telekinesis– The ability to move objects with the mind, telekinesis is one of the most frequently claimed areas of psychokinesis. This includes spoon bending and the physical manipulation of other objects. 

Pyrokinesis – The ability to extinguish, create or manipulate fire.

Aertokinesis – The ability to manipulate air molecules and even create wind in a desired direction, using only the mind.

Hydrokinesis – The ability to control the movement of water with the mind, as well as influence its structure. 

Electrokinesis – The ability to generate electricity by charging atoms and particles.

Cryokinesis – Also known as ‘Ice Powers,’ this more specific form of hydrokinesis is the ability to control ice.

Levitation – The ability of an individual to use their mind to lift their entire body off the ground.

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