Reading the Mind – Is Telepathy Really Possible?

Even though the vast majority of the population doesn’t believe in mind reading, there are many people that believe it is possible. There are also some who have mastered the art and will be able to tell you what you are thinking most of the time. For many of these, the talent is a natural one. Once you believe in the ability to read somebody’s mind, however, it is possible to learn with a little bit of focus and training.

Mind reading is also referred to as ‘empathetic accuracy.’ This is because a person’s emotions, are a strong indicator of what they may be thinking. Getting to know somebody helps to increase the possibility of being able to determine what’s in their mind. Learning more about their lives and interests, what makes them happy or sad, and the way in which they view the world helps to give us entry into their thoughts.

For those who have the gift of telepathy, there are several steps that they take before tuning in to somebody else’s mind. These include:

  1. Clearing the Mind

Most people have a constant stream of thought, and find this step the hardest to achieve. It is, however, imperative that the mind is clear before information can be received from another person. In addition, you must be completely open to receiving the person’s energy and thoughts without judging them. Focusing on the breath is the best way to clear the mind, and be in the present moment.

  1. Tune into the Other Person

Reading somebody’s mind means tuning in to that person completely. Try to get a feel of their personality without overextending yourself, and making them feel uncomfortable. Look directly at the person for approximately 15 seconds, taking in all their physical features, and then close your eyes and see their face. Try to ‘feel’ them in your mind without opening your eyes.

  1. Begin a Conversation

The best way to read somebody’s mind is to ask them specific questions, and open up to receiving the answer in your head. With your mind clear and open their thoughts can enter uninhibited.

  1. Request Feedback

The best way to determine how well your mind reading capabilities are progressing is to ask. Questions to determine the accuracy and frequency that you are reading with will help you to improve.

Practice and a belief in your abilities are the best ways to improve the way in which you read somebody’s mind. It is also very important to relax and, therefore, encourage the other person to relax as this will make them more open. Mind reading shouldn’t be used to gain an advantage over somebody, or without the person’s knowledge, but with the person’s best interest at heart. It is also a great way to bring people closer together.

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