Genetic Engineering, Threats to Mankind

Man-Made Diseases – Death Created in a Lab

Many scientists have proposed the theory that a high number of diseases currently plaguing humans are unnatural, and have been created by mankind it laboratories worldwide. The theory also proposes that those behind these creations are the government and other influential leaders within our society. The main reasons behind their creation are population control and biological warfare. Some of these diseases include:

  1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

HIV is a virus which progresses into the more deadly Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), and is responsible for breaking down the immune system of its victims. The initial cause of HIV was reportedly that the virus had spread from a chimpanzee to a native of Africa, through a cut on his arm. After it mutated, the virus continued to be spread to other humans through sexual or blood contact.

In 2001, leading scientists published claims in The Royal Society of London’s conference proceedings, which showed that HIV was a lab engineered disease. Their research indicated that the virus was most likely a result of accidental vaccine contaminations, which had been administered to patients in African villages.

Another theory indicates that the testing of a Hepatitis B vaccine, in the mid-1970s, on gay men in New York and villagers in Central African, was the beginning of the spread of the virus. The vaccine had been produced in chimpanzees, and the testing took place on humans between 1972 and 1974.

  1. Infectious Flu Viruses

Each year there are flu outbreaks in highly populated regions, and the virus mutates to thrive in changing conditions. These outbreaks result in a small number of deaths annually, with most of them being the very old or the very young. Unexpected strains of flu have appeared throughout history, which have resulted in a large number of deaths, and are believed to be a result of laboratory manufacturing. These include:

Avian Flu (H5N1)

As one of the most deadly viruses to affect man, H5N1 kills approximately 60% of the people that it infects. In 2009, scientists discovered that the virus was being transferred through the use of vaccines to the citizens of 18 countries, including the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Germany in an effort to reduce the population.

Swine Flu (H1N1)

A highly contagious strain of flu, H1N1 evaded all routine flu surveillance and quarantine and began to affect a large number of people. Research has shown where the virus originated from a pig vaccine in North America, and then spread to humans. Reports indicate that the CDC has genetically altered the virus, creating a biological weapon known as A-H1N1, containing a lethal combination of viruses, bacteria and toxins.

In addition, experiments are being conducted on ferrets infecting them with the two viruses simultaneously. This is being undertaken in an effort to ‘reassert’ and produce a hybrid ‘super flu’ virus, which would be transferred easily and cause a high number of deaths among those infected.

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