Merlin – Tales and Prophesies of a Great Wizard

The story of Merlin’s birth claims that he was the son of a demon, or an incubus, and a nun. He was blessed with great wisdom from the two opposing forces of good and evil. When King Vortigern lost a battle, and much of his territory, to the Saxons, he fled to Wales and attempted… Continue reading Merlin – Tales and Prophesies of a Great Wizard


Merlin – Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

Merlin is one of the most well-known and fascinating figures in the Arthurian legends. There are many different stories about him but each one emphasizes his great prowess in magic. His most prominent role is as an advisor to four successive kings, and he is well remembered for the part he played in the conception… Continue reading Merlin – Magic, Mystery and Mayhem


Viking & Norse Mythology

An Overview Norse Mythology is a really deep and incredibly rich lore which is full of some great poems and stories from the old German era. These tales are not just believed to be myths, but a religion practiced by the Vikings living in the Scandinavian countries during that time. It is known that the… Continue reading Viking & Norse Mythology


Norse Mythology

Norse mythology is a collection of tales of Gods and heroes, emerging from various sources, revolving around the pagan period. It is a collection of North Germanic people’s myths starting from the time of the pagans and beyond the time of Christianization of Scandinavia and its modern folklore. Norse mythology consists of middle age manuscripts,… Continue reading Norse Mythology


Magic Circles

Ritual magic is practiced by a variety of groups, many of which create magic circles before they perform a spell. The circle was traditionally believed to separate the spell casters from the forces that they were summoning. Modern day ritual workers cast the circle as a sacred space, however, through which they can concentrate the… Continue reading Magic Circles


The Day of the Dead

Dia de Muertos, better known as The Day of the Dead, is a holiday which is celebrated throughout Mexico. The tradition began in the Central and Southern regions, and lasts from October 31st - November 2nd, each year. Festivities are held to honor the dead, and have been traced back for 3000 years. During this… Continue reading The Day of the Dead


Black & White Magic

Tracing its origins back to the medieval times, black magic has been actively used all over the world for thousands of years to attain rather selfish agendas. To put it in simpler words, black magic employs evil or supernatural powers to attain the practitioner’s goal. In the far stretched spectrum of magic, there is a… Continue reading Black & White Magic


Black Magic

The term black magic seems to freak almost anyone out. It has become a term that is a taboo in our society and rightfully so. Black magic has roots in many cultures - from African cultures to Middle Eastern cultures and can be found in history as well as all over the world now. The… Continue reading Black Magic

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History of Magic – Today

Let us now enter into the modern-day world of magicians, witches, and evangelical Christians to find out where we stand now when it comes to magic. Magic in Today’s World While looking at the modern-day world, from movies, music, literature, and practices, magic has completely transformed its shape and adapted to the current preferences of… Continue reading History of Magic – Today


History of Magic

Distinct from religion and science, Magic is a unique set of beliefs and practices followed for centuries across the world. It has been considered as one of the most mysterious, astonishing, and surprising elements for all of us. There are several Magicians have gained considerable fame across the world. But how did it all start… Continue reading History of Magic