George R. R. Martin

Called the ‘American Tolkien’ by Lev Grossman, a writer for Time magazine and included in the Time 100 list of most influential people in 2005, George R. R. Martin has produced some amazing works of fiction during his career. These days, his name is synonymous with the HBO series Game of Thrones, but it took… Continue reading George R. R. Martin

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Comic Conventions

Comic conventions by today’s standards tend to include much more than just panels and guest speakers about comics specifically. Featuring awards shows, formal dinners and cosplay as major elements in the convention, there has been a major move from the original days of promoting comics themselves into a world of commercial sales and autograph signings.… Continue reading Comic Conventions

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Secret Medical Research

Medical research has brought about many amazing advancements. We have cured diseases that used to plague the population, and are on the verge of curing many others. Some medical research, often performed on children, the poor, those in mental institutions and prisoners, is carried out in secret, and the results are not published to the… Continue reading Secret Medical Research

The Future, Threats to Mankind

Deadly Epidemics of the Past

There have been many deadly epidemics in the history of mankind. Some originating in our ancient times, before our written records as they exist today. But what is an epidemic exactly and how do they happen? Epidemics are well-defined as being a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.… Continue reading Deadly Epidemics of the Past


Bob Kane and the Origins of Batman

Robert Kahn, professionally known as Bob Kane (born October 24, 1915, died November 3, 1998), was an American comic book writer as well as artist (both comics and later fine arts) who had co-created (with Bill Finger), that iconic and most beloved of DC Comics character - The Batman. Bob was inducted into the comic book industry's own Jack Kirby… Continue reading Bob Kane and the Origins of Batman

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Jack Kirby: The Undisputed King of Comic Books

Jack Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg back in August 28, 1917. He died in 1994 and during these seven decades he revolutionized the world of comic books and made sure they made it to the mainstream. In fact, the current Marvel Universe very existence owes a lot to this man’s boundless enthusiasm and imagination. As a matter… Continue reading Jack Kirby: The Undisputed King of Comic Books

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Stan Lee – Marvel Comics Real Life Superhero

Stan Lee was born Stanley Martin Lieber on December 28, 1922, but legally changed his name after becoming a well-known comic writer. Lee’s interest in writing began at an early age and by 1939, he had become an assistant at Martin Goodman’s comic book publishing company. By the 1960s, the company became known as Marvel… Continue reading Stan Lee – Marvel Comics Real Life Superhero


When Darkness Prevails ONLY 99c

Call it summer madness if you will! But I'm giving you the chance to download a copy of my YA Sci-fi/fantasy novel "When Darkness Prevails" for just $0.99. Just visit amazon by clicking the link above, before the end of Friday August 10 and click download. And if you liked it, please take a couple… Continue reading When Darkness Prevails ONLY 99c


Experiments Done on Humans – The Holocaust and Beyond

Experiments performed on humans in "When Darkness Prevails" may seem far fetched, but the human race has a sad history of doing just that. Nazi Sterlisation Experiments One of the main reasons the Nazi concentration camps were formed, was the removal of ‘undesirables’ from the population and finding ways of keeping the race ‘pure.’ Many… Continue reading Experiments Done on Humans – The Holocaust and Beyond


Experiments Done on Humans – The Evils of the Holocaust

Although my book, When Darkness Prevails, deals with human experimentation and is pure fiction, there are real-life periods in history when the human race has performed evil experiments on its own kind. The darkest period occurring during the second world war. The events of the Holocaust were some of the most horrific in modern history, leaving… Continue reading Experiments Done on Humans – The Evils of the Holocaust