Origins of Undirras

Before the formation of the Dragon Empire, Undirras was ruled by the clans that called the world home. For many centuries, the realm prospered and was at peace. That was before the dark times – before the Clan War.

Set nearly three hundred years before the Zeir arrived on Undirras, Origins of Undirras explores the history of the realm before and after the forging of the Five Kingdoms. From myths and legends to the arrival of the clans, these quick-read short stories chronicle the young dragon prince, Eironbeil, as he conquers the world and establishes an empire that lasts for centuries.


A dark magician has manipulated a young dragon prince into stealing his father’s throne and forming the first empire Undirras has ever seen. With an army of fellow magicians and powerful dragons at his back, conquering the world would be an effortless endeavor; however, the other kingdoms are uniting against the imperial reign and resistance is imminent.


Labyrinth1VOLUME TWO : Part One.
Labyrinth of Deception

Sixteen years have passed since Jezyra failed to kill Severus in retaliation for their defeat at the Battle of Mas Annor. Angered that her first task as the new Hand of the Emperor was thwarted, she’s been trying to prove herself to the emperor since. However, a new opportunity presents itself with the traitorous city of Borrad Deim. Assuming control should be easy, but Queen Vhaera has some secrets up her sleeve no one saw coming. Reclaiming leadership—and her pride—might be more difficult than Jezyra thought.


White Stag, The - David VissersVOLUME TWO : Part Two.
The White Stag

The mercenary Gerhart and King Tyberian have successfully stolen Jezyra’s ship in their effort to find Graethenheim. But after seeking aid in Lusnar, the pair find the port abandoned, the citizens all sheltering from a magical beast plaguing their town. Gerhart agrees to help the townspeople in exchange for a map to their destination, but the task might prove more deadly than he realizes. Especially when the beast’s appearance might not be an accident…