The Gods of Wrakkora

The Zeir Prophecy: Book Two.

The gods of Wrakkora are returning, and the punishment for leaving Earth will be severe.


Two years ago, colonists fled the viral outbreak that devastated Earth and settled on the mysterious alien planet known as Undirras. Completely cut off from their homeworld and with no contact from their escort ship—UNSS Fatum—the Earth colony, Rena, has continued to move forward.

Upon her acceptance to Fendelis Point Academy, Alexis Rydell is ready to leave Rena and finally explore Undirras. She has kept her identity as a Sha’Ni hidden, and all has been quiet…until now. When she accidentally uses her telekinetic powers in front of everyone, her secret is revealed. To prevent strife with the Empire, Alexis is brought to Mas Annor, the last free city on Undirras. There she meets Gerhart, a legendary magician who vows to protect her from the emperor who believes she is a harbinger of death.

Meanwhile, still lost in uncharted space and on the run from a hostile alien battle cruiser, the crew aboard UNSS Fatum are desperate to find Undirras and rescue the colonists they left behind. But when Fatum suffers substantial power failures, the starship is forced to land on an ominous swamp planet. What they discover there could change the fate of everything to come…