When Darkness Prevails

The Zeir Prophecy: Book One.

The existence of the human race is on a knife edge and playing God can have apocalyptic consequences.

In 2022 Meyer Medical is the world leader in healthcare and medical research; however, behind the public eye, the corporation is performing top secret human experiments.

On a stormy summer morning a deadly genetic experiment escapes Meyer Medical and begins to terrorize the local human population. Everyone it attacks becomes a clone of itself spreading the disease and infecting more people.

Alexis Rydell is an average high school senior – if average means possessing telekinetic powers! Keeping her uncontrollable gift a secret, she is unaware of the important role she has yet to fulfil as she becomes involved in the fight to control the epidemic.

It quickly becomes clear that sinister forces are at work and the experiment escaping was no accident. In fact, it only served as a prelude to an even bigger event…

I Am Legend meets Star Trek in this gripping, suspenseful thrill ride!” – Amazon reviewer.

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