The Future, Threats to Mankind

Autonomous Killer Robots

The terminator movies are no longer fictitious work, because the storyline is being followed through in reality. That vision of killer robots taking over the planet due to the artificial intelligence they possess may not completely be coming true. However, machines that have decision-making capabilities with lethal consequences are already being tested in parts of… Continue reading Autonomous Killer Robots

The Future

Animal Adaptations – Unexpected Evolution

There are some animals that have evolved to survive in situations so extreme, or isolated, that the changes they undergo have surprised many researchers. These include: Cockroaches Believed to be one of the biggest nuisances and most hated insects in society, cockroaches are also one of the most resilient species in the world. Scientists believe… Continue reading Animal Adaptations – Unexpected Evolution

The Future

Animal Adaptations – Evolution to Ensure Survival

The Earth is changing constantly, and the survival of its species has always depended on an ability to adapt. Many animals have peculiarities that make them stronger than other species, thus ensuring their mass longevity. Some have even conformed to their environment so much that they are now found living in only one place on… Continue reading Animal Adaptations – Evolution to Ensure Survival