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Have you noticed how drastically the images of many of the creatures in the fantasy fiction world have changed? Let’s jump right into more of such characters like witches and fairies which we discussed as both antagonists and protagonists. You’ll see how their perception has changed from the beginning of their characterization to present. When… Continue reading Vampires

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Creatures in Fantasy Fiction

Have you ever wondered why the best-selling books around the world are unsurprisingly fantasy books? Also as soon as they are seen to have gained enough popularity with the readers, they are immediately made into a series of Hollywood movies like the world famous Harry Potter series or Cinderella with its fairy godmother and the… Continue reading Creatures in Fantasy Fiction


Most Influential Fantasy Fiction Books

Book lovers all over the world will agree that there is nothing more extraordinary than the world of fantasy. To be successfully transported to a whole new kind of universe, or to a different dimension is what the greatest fantasy fiction books have the power to do. Let’s explore some of the most influential fantasy… Continue reading Most Influential Fantasy Fiction Books


When Darkness Prevails ONLY 99c

Call it summer madness if you will! But I'm giving you the chance to download a copy of my YA Sci-fi/fantasy novel "When Darkness Prevails" for just $0.99. Just visit amazon by clicking the link above, before the end of Friday August 10 and click download. And if you liked it, please take a couple… Continue reading When Darkness Prevails ONLY 99c


Experiments Done on Humans – The Holocaust and Beyond

Experiments performed on humans in "When Darkness Prevails" may seem far fetched, but the human race has a sad history of doing just that. Nazi Sterlisation Experiments One of the main reasons the Nazi concentration camps were formed, was the removal of ‘undesirables’ from the population and finding ways of keeping the race ‘pure.’ Many… Continue reading Experiments Done on Humans – The Holocaust and Beyond


Experiments Done on Humans – The Evils of the Holocaust

Although my book, When Darkness Prevails, deals with human experimentation and is pure fiction, there are real-life periods in history when the human race has performed evil experiments on its own kind. The darkest period occurring during the second world war. The events of the Holocaust were some of the most horrific in modern history, leaving… Continue reading Experiments Done on Humans – The Evils of the Holocaust

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Science Fantasy – Exploring a Popular Sub-Genre

The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction points out that the sub-genre of science fantasy has never been clearly defined. The label first became widely used after many of these stories had been published in Pulp Fiction magazines, where authors attempted to merge the techniques of sci-fi with the world of fantasy. One of the ways in… Continue reading Science Fantasy – Exploring a Popular Sub-Genre

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J. R. R. Tolkien – A Legendary Fantasy Writer

An Inspired Writing Career J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels were inspired from places he visited, events that occurred from his childhood onwards, his indoctrination into Catholicism and the extensive reading he did during his lifetime, including: British adventure stories, European mythology and Old English literature. His writings included a detailed translation of Beowulf, one of… Continue reading J. R. R. Tolkien – A Legendary Fantasy Writer

Genetic Engineering

Genetic Modification – Changing an Organism’s Genetic Composition

The process of altering an organism’s genetic make-up, to ensure that it will have certain characteristics, is known as genetic modification or genetic engineering. It has already been applied to plants and animals for many years. Even though genetic modification can be used to cure life threatening diseases, many argue that it is immoral to… Continue reading Genetic Modification – Changing an Organism’s Genetic Composition