Genetic Engineering

Genetic Engineering – Altering Humans

The human genetic composition is what determines our health, personal traits and even our behaviour. Genes are passed on to us from our parents, and can also be the source of many imperfections as well as hereditary diseases. As humans we are always trying to make everything better, including ourselves. This has resulted in the… Continue reading Genetic Engineering – Altering Humans

Threats to Mankind

Viruses – A serious threat to mankind

Emerging viral diseases are always high value news items. However, how will viruses change over the next few years? In recent years, the most significant virus of them all, in terms of human cases and death toll, was the emergence of Covid. But there has also been Ebola, as well as chikungunya fever, which appeared… Continue reading Viruses – A serious threat to mankind


When Darkness Prevails – OUT TODAY

I am very pleased to let you know that the first book in The Zeir Prophecy, When Darkness Prevails, is now available in Kindle, Paperback and Hardback. And, it's only $1.99! (Kindle) I'm also working on a short story that will shortly be available as an exclusive book to those who subscribe to my mailing… Continue reading When Darkness Prevails – OUT TODAY


When Darkness Prevails – Pre-Order Now!

The Zeir Prophecy: Book One. Available now to pre-order (Out 12 June): The existence of the human race is on a knife edge and playing God can have apocalyptic consequences. In 2022 Meyer Medical is the world leader in healthcare and medical research; however, behind the public eye, the corporation is performing top secret human… Continue reading When Darkness Prevails – Pre-Order Now!