Merlin – Tales and Prophesies of a Great Wizard

The story of Merlin’s birth claims that he was the son of a demon, or an incubus, and a nun. He was blessed with great wisdom from the two opposing forces of good and evil. When King Vortigern lost a battle, and much of his territory, to the Saxons, he fled to Wales and attempted… Continue reading Merlin – Tales and Prophesies of a Great Wizard


Merlin – Magic, Mystery and Mayhem

Merlin is one of the most well-known and fascinating figures in the Arthurian legends. There are many different stories about him but each one emphasizes his great prowess in magic. His most prominent role is as an advisor to four successive kings, and he is well remembered for the part he played in the conception… Continue reading Merlin – Magic, Mystery and Mayhem


Black Magic

The term black magic seems to freak almost anyone out. It has become a term that is a taboo in our society and rightfully so. Black magic has roots in many cultures - from African cultures to Middle Eastern cultures and can be found in history as well as all over the world now. The… Continue reading Black Magic


Most Influential Fantasy Fiction Books

Book lovers all over the world will agree that there is nothing more extraordinary than the world of fantasy. To be successfully transported to a whole new kind of universe, or to a different dimension is what the greatest fantasy fiction books have the power to do. Let’s explore some of the most influential fantasy… Continue reading Most Influential Fantasy Fiction Books